Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The benefits of Feed additives

Nowadays, the best and the smartest way of increasing gain, efficiency of feed and increasing the immunity of your farm animals is by giving them feed additives. Feed additives supply protein to the cattle which helps in the growth and increasing the body mass. The medicated elements are also present in special feed additives which are called MFA’s (medicated feed additives). It helps in preventing and even treating cattle diseases, thereby keeping the cattle healthy. MFA’s mainly aims in reducing bacterial enteritis, preventing cattle liver abscesses, controlling bacterial pneumonia, anaplasmosis, shipping fever and many more. However, the does of the medicated elements in governed and kept in check by Food and Drug administration. Proper and sufficient quantities of minerals present in the cattle food are always vital. This causes increased conception rates, increase in profitability, nutrition and weaning rates and also causes betterment of the immune response system.
Some environmental benefits of feed additives

The feed additives also help in decreasing the amount of ammonia present in the farm animal’s manure or barn air. Hence by enhancing manure quality, moisture of litter and barn air, it helps in the well being of cattle and also the humans living around them. 

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